2020-08-05 E-Edition

Active Senior’s Club building:

Part I - Kidder County Food Pantry

The Active Senior’s Club building has been a hub of activity for many years. That may have appeared to lessen in just these last few months with Covid, but nevertheless, every square inch of space has been utilized by three separate organizations who share the building, bringing much needed socialization and care to local folks. While the Active Senior’s Club […]

TRIC receives Bush Foundation Community Innovation Grant

The Tuttle Rural Innovation Center has received a $206,000 grant from the Bush Foundation’s Community Innovation program to support their community development work in Tuttle, ND. With the funds obtained from the Bush Foundation, the Tuttle Rural Innovation Center (TRIC) will be seeking to create a rural economy at the intersection of food, art, and entrepreneurship. “The ultimate goal for […]

Savvy Senior

Financial Help for Retirees Affected by COVID-19

Dear Savvy Senior, Are there any financial assistance programs you can refer me to? The coronavirus pandemic has cost me my part-time retirement job and has shrunk my measly IRA account. Needy Retiree Dear Needy, Absolutely! In addition to the $1,200 federal coronavirus stimulus check that was distributed in April and May, there are many other financial-assistance programs (both public […]

Off the Bookshelf


One of my favorite authors, Iowan native Heather Gudenkauf, has hit a dark, suspense-filled terrifying mystery novel straight out of the park. Her newest novel (2020), “This Is How I Lied”, is so riveting it may give you nightmares. Apparently, everyone in the little town of Grotto, Iowa has secrets to hide. Gudenkauf’s strange array of characters all have a […]


July 27-Aug. 2, 2020

HLP Mon., July 27 85 54 .01 Tues., July 28 82 52 Wed., July 29 85 54 Thurs., July 30 87 55 Fri., July 31 87 59 Sat., August 1 78 58 Sun., August 2 77 52

From the Heart

It just doesn’t seem to let up. COVID-19 keeps on affecting people’s lives. As far as our country, North Dakota was among the last states affected, with Kidder County being lucky for so long, but now I think it is affecting everyone in some way. Of course, we know that many people have been afflicted with the illness itself. Some […]

Kidder Korner

Arnold and his wife were cleaning out the attic one day when he came across a ticket from the local shoe repair shop. The date stamped on the ticket showed that it was over eleven years old. They both laughed and tried to remember which of them might have forgotten to pick up a pair of shoes over a decade […]

A little of This ‘n That

Thngs to do to keep your garden looking good

Summer is the time to enjoy the fruits of your spring labor and have fun in the garden. While you’re at it, keep up on these basic tasks and your plants will reward you by growing and blooming strong all the way through fall. As the summer heat settles in, the soil in your containers and garden beds will begin […]


(Looking back over past Ozone issues by Shirley Morlock)

50 years ago – Aug. 5, 1970 Alfred Riskedahl resigned and Marlyn Janke was appointed to fill his position on the Steele School Board. John Witt, 65, Wing, died. Dr. J.J. Hochhalter of Steele celebrated his 80th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. F.R. (Bud) White of Dawson to be honored on their 50th wedding anniversary. 25 years ago – Aug. 9, […]