2019-06-19 E-Edition

Pettibone ND’s, T & V Grocery: Keeping Family Business Alive

While traveling up highway 36 in Northern Kidder County, around the winding bends in the deeper country of North Dakota, you will come across the sign inviting you to Pettibone, ND. Once there, you’ll see a pleasant downtown complete with two bars, a gas/repair/parts station with inside and outside hardware, post office, welding and manufacturing shop, café, and for over […]

Buying local will help our community thrive

What do we like about our small towns that we choose to live in them versus the “big city”? Most of us like the close relationships developed with our neighbors and businesses. We come together to work on community projects, attend sporting events together, and support those who are in need in our community. When we have fundraisers, who do […]


June 10-13, 2019

HLP Mon., June 10 74 44 .18 Tues., June 11 74 48 .33 Wed., June 12 70 44 Thurs., June 13 83 54

Coming events

Steele June 19 – Park Board meeting, 7:00 p.m. June 24 – K.C. Food Pantry open, 4:30-5:30 p.m.; K.C. Ambulance Board June 25 – Card playing at Senior Center, 1:00 p.m., everyone welcome July 1 – Masons meeting Dawson July 3 – Dawson 3rd of July activities, . (See poster for details) Driscoll July 4 – 4th of July activities […]

Savvy Senior

How to Protect Yourself from the Social Security Imposter Scam

Dear Savvy Senior, I recently received a strange call from a Social Security employee. He told me my Social Security number had been suspended because it was involved in a crime, and that I needed to reactivate it and secure my bank funds by withdrawing them and putting them on gift cards. Is this a scam? Worried Rita Dear Rita, […]

Off the Bookshelf


Author Robert L. Wise’s book, “Crossing the Threshold of Eternity” was written with the sole intent of sharing “What the Dying can Teach the Living”. It turns out, there is more to be learned than you might think. In his book, Wise presents case after case of what people on their deathbed describe seeing shortly before dying. Some of the […]

First Aid classes being offered

A First Aid class will be held on June 24th at 6:00 p.m. at the ambulance garage in Steele. If anyone is interested in this class, please let Julie know by calling 475-2595 or emailing the Kidder County Ambulance office at kidderamb@bektel.com.

From the Heart

Often, when we start large projects, things have to get worse before they get better. We can probably relate to that on home projects. One piece of advice I have heard is that when presented with a large project, it is best to get the hardest part done first. That way if the project takes a while, you will likely […]

Kidder Korner

Q: What goes through towns, up hills, and down hills but never moves? A: The road! Company Picnic A wife took her husband to the company picnic and started berating him. “Doesn’t it embarrass you that people have seen you go up to the buffet table five times?” “Not a bit,” the husband replied. “I just tell them I’m filling […]